My Erin Condren Planner


I first heard about an Erin Condren planner last year, and used one off and on. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the planner, I just didn’t have any “urge” to actually use it. I ended up winning a giftcard to purchase something on the Erin Condren website, and I knew in 2016 I’d have to get a new planner, and that I’d have to actually do it this year.

It started out a little rocky, designing my own stickers here and there, but once I started investing in planner kits I started to really get into. I got so into, that I ended up opening up a planner channel called Planning Vero and an Instagram account dedicated to sharing my spreads and other planner goodies. So I thought I’d make a blog post showing some of my favorite spreads so far this year, and what shops I purchase from frequently!


First spread is a kit from The Glam Planner, called Night’s Dream. Elle Fowler (the owner) is actually the person that got me into planner and got me to purchase my first planner! I just ADORE her kits, and I loved how this spread turned out.


Next up is a kit from The Organizing Companion called Galileo’s Dream, I knew as soon as I saw this galaxy themed kit I had to buy it!

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Rest in Peace


Friday in the middle of a stream, I received a call that I knew was coming. Before I answered the phone, I knew exactly what my mother would be telling me. With tears filling her eyes, she tried to get out of the words “your Mamaw passed away”. My grandmother had been sick for a while, to the point that my mother flew to Tennessee from Florida to visit and I even drove up as well (back in February). I am so thankful that I got to say goodbye, that I got to hug her one last time, and tell her how much I loved her.

My family is amazing, and it’s because they were raised by someone like my grandmother. She was seriously an amazing woman. She always encouraged, always loved, and always had a smile on her face. I LOVED visiting my grandparents as a kid. I’d watch my grandmother cook, we’d talk about school, and of course both her and my grandfather (he passed away about 9 years ago) would spoil me rotten.

I always admired my grandmother, the mother of 8 children but only 6 survived (2 passed at birth). They always gave, never complained, and always had so much love to give (to their families and to even complete strangers). Her and my grandfather both loved all of their children, their grandchildren, and now their great grandchildren. I hope that I have at least a small percentage of the kind of woman that she was.

She will truly be missed, because she was one hell of a woman.

The Big 3-0


Aging is obviously something we can not avoid, but sometimes I find my age just creeps up on me. I’ve spent my entire life  (especially when I hit 18+) telling people my age only to have them respond back with “WHAT REALLY?!”. Now don’t get me wrong, that’s certainly not a bad thing and I won’t mind being in my 50’s when people think I’m in my 30’s, but all it does is it makes me realize just how old I am.

On January 17th I turned 30. Spoiler: It doesn’t feel any different than 29, 28, 27 … etc. I don’t really feel any older, but what is older supposed to feel like anyways? My original plan before I turned 30 was to try to do the “30 before 30” challenge but then I forgot about it … oops.

I’ve been thinking about doing 5 things before I turned 35 since that (hopefully) not only be very doable, but would give me plenty of time to do it. I’ve just come up with 0 ideas.

My life also isn’t anywhere where I thought it’d be at 30, but my life is still pretty awesome. I think past Vero would be proud.

So far, dirty 30 is going well *knocks on wood*


Welcome Back


On April 14, 2006 I opened up my blog on Almost 10 years later, and I am back.

In 2009 I was pursuing my degree in graphic and web design, and after the company I was hosted with decided to sell their customers (without telling their customers I might add) I found out that my domain name would be almost $50 for one year. A world of no, especially as a college student. That was when I decided to create and that was blogging home since then. Until today anyways.

Yesterday I spent all of this time editing a theme, editing some pages, and doing a few things here and there but then I realized something, didn’t really reflect me anymore. I started it when I was in school, in my life now although I do still design and create art my life is so much more than that. I work a full time job in the gaming industry that I love, I create YouTube videos, I play video games, and I even stream myself playing said games weekly.

I started brain storming possible domain name ideas, but everything I was coming up with I didn’t really like or it was taken. Then I remembered that I owned the domain and that I absolutely loved it and I hated letting it expire. And what do you know? It was’t taken! And, .nu extensions no longer require a 2 year registration/renewal. $27 for a domain I once paid $60 for is not a bad deal at all! The renewal price is around $39 but that’s something I can deal with. I also decided to completely clean out my website. Everything is fresh and brand new (all old posts are gone). I even went through and deleted 30+ databases and usernames that were in my cpanel that were unused.

So here we are again. A brand new name, layout, and everything else. I’m still working on getting all of the pages up but I am happy with the new name. Hopefully this motivates me to blog more often, because it’s something I really want to try in 2016. Fingers crossed.