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On April 14, 2006 I opened up my blog on Blissful.nu. Almost 10 years later, and I am back.

In 2009 I was pursuing my degree in graphic and web design, and after the company I was hosted with decided to sell their customers (without telling their customers I might add) I found out that my domain name would be almost $50 for one year. A world of no, especially as a college student. That was when I decided to create Artsie.me and that was blogging home since then. Until today anyways.

Yesterday I spent all of this time editing a theme, editing some pages, and doing a few things here and there but then I realized something, Artise.me didn’t really reflect me anymore. I started it when I was in school, in my life now although I do still design and create art my life is so much more than that. I work a full time job in the gaming industry that I love, I create YouTube videos, I play video games, and I even stream myself playing said games weekly.

I started brain storming possible domain name ideas, but everything I was coming up with I didn’t really like or it was taken. Then I remembered that I owned the domain Blissful.nu and that I absolutely loved it and I hated letting it expire. And what do you know? It was’t taken! And, .nu extensions no longer require a 2 year registration/renewal. $27 for a domain I once paid $60 for is not a bad deal at all! The renewal price is around $39 but that’s something I can deal with. I also decided to completely clean out my website. Everything is fresh and brand new (all old posts are gone). I even went through and deleted 30+ databases and usernames that were in my cpanel that were unused.

So here we are again. A brand new name, layout, and everything else. I’m still working on getting all of the pages up but I am happy with the new name. Hopefully this motivates me to blog more often, because it’s something I really want to try in 2016. Fingers crossed.

March 18, 2016
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