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Something I’ve been wanting to invest in for a while is a new laptop. Back in 2007 when I moved away for college I purchased a basic laptop that I used for about 5 months, before deciding in a 15″ Macbook Pro (gave my mom my ‘old’ laptop). I decided on a Mac for various reasons, but the main one was that I was a graphic design major and all of the computers I was using in my classes were all macs. I didn’t regret this decision at all.

Around 2012 I stopped using the Mac, it still functions to this day but has some keys missing, a small crack in the screen, and runs slow. Because of how long the laptop lasted I knew I wanted to get another Mac at some point.

End of March I was offered a position at another gaming company, this job is still work from home and pays over 2x as much as my last job. So I decided to take it and was able to start saving money a lot more easily. May 14th I decided to purchase a 13″ Macbook Pro with retina display (specs below) and I LOVE it.


I’ve really missed having a laptop, and because my job is work at home I can work from anywhere as long as I have an internet connection. Another motivator in getting a laptop was that I was beginning to have issues with my wrist from using my PC (6 hours of work a day + creating YouTube videos, streaming on Twitch, etc) the pain was starting to get unbearable.


Since purchasing the laptop I’ve also picked up a few accessories to go along with it. I bought a pink sleeve (not pictured) to protect it when I’m not using it. Also bought this stunning teal/purple hard cover that goes on the back of the laptop and bottom to protect it.


I also purchased a keyboard cover that matches the back case to protect the keys (I have a bad habit of eating over my laptop!).

Overall I am very happy with my purchase, and the laptop has been perfect for my trip from Ohio to Florida to visit family.

13″ Macbook Pro Specs:

  • 2.7GHz Dual-core Intel Core i5
  • 16GB 1866MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM (originally came with 8, but I upgraded to 16)
  • 256GB PCIe-based Flash Storage
  • Intel Iris Graphics 6100


June 2, 2016
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  • Reply Danica Rama

    awww I remember when my mom surprised me with a Macbook I was literally shouting all over the house <3 So happy for your new purchase! I'm also thinking of upgrading to 15" with retina, but my laptop is not close to its deathbed yet so maybe not yet 😛

    June 10, 2016 at 4:05 pm
    • Reply Veronica

      I was so excited when I got my first MacBook as well, but was even more excited for this one haha. Love the retina display, so def recommend it when you need to get a new one 🙂

      June 11, 2016 at 10:18 pm

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