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On January 31st I packed up my car and made the drive from Ohio back to Florida. I decided to move back for a variety of reasons, but moving back meant I had a new office to decorate. I’m still working on adding things and organizing it but here’s what I have so far with my desk setup.

To the side of my desk I have this 3 shelf organizer thingy I got from Michael’s. It mostly contains my xbox one games, pens, pencils, and other extras.

To the left of where I sit I have a Zelda cup, my iPhone 6 (complete with a D. Va Overwatch case), Razer Blackwidow Chroma keyboard, Overwatch mousemat, my mic and mic stand, and my Astro headset with mixamp.

In the center you can see my dual Asus 24″ monitors that are attached to a stand (that I love), with several paintings that I have done behind it. I still need to fix their placements, but I can’t reach high enough to fix half of them.

To the right side of my desk I have a lamp, Razer Deathadder mouse Overwatch edition, my xbox one s, xbox one elite controller, 2 xbox games, and my iPad.

I also sit on a DX Racer chair in pink! I LOVE IT, it’s perfect. Super comfy and has a shark on the back! In the chair I have a World of Warcraft map blanket and a Sailor Moon blanket that I usually sit at my desk with.

Overall I’m very happy with my setup and can’t wait to add more stuff to it.

March 14, 2017
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