Domain was registered on March 18, 2016 through Namecheap. It’s a domain I owned originally from 2006 to 2009, but decided to bring back in 2016. The website is hosted through Surpass Hosting.

Why Blissful?

In 2006 I decided to open a blog under the name because of a lyric in a song by Chevelle that I liked at the time. Originally had to move from in 2009 because the company that I purchased the domain through sold all of their clients to another company that charged way more for .nu names, and being a poor college student I couldn’t justify the yearly price.

In 2016 I was tired of the domain (that I originally opened when I was an art major) and wanted something new. Was going through some old domain names that I had that I liked, and remembered which was not taken so decided to get it.

Past Websites

Some places you may have seen me at before.

June 5, 2016