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Living In Azeroth

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Blogathon Day 29: If you could enter the world of any game, movie, tv show, etc. which one would you enter and why? What is one you wouldn’t want to live in?

In a previous post I mentioned wanting to live in the world of Harry Potter, so for this one let’s talk about a game!

One game I’ve played for 10+ years is World of Warcraft and I’d LOVE to live in Azeroth. As you level your character you are met with more and more breathtaking zones filled with gorgeous scenery and some interesting creatures to fight along the way. Now of course if I lived there I’d want it to be during a peaceful time of no war please 😛

What world would you love to enter?

For the entire month of January I’m participating in a Blogathon. All posts associated with it can be found under the Blogathon category.

January 29, 2018

Nintendo Switch and Accessories

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I’ve been eyeing the Nintendo Switch since it released earlier this year and I finally was able to purchase one thanks to money and giftcards I got for Christmas. Tuesday morning I woke up at 7am and drove to Target (had to actually drive to 2 locations before I was able to get one) and purchased the Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as my first game. I had been planning on buying one possibly around Christmas time so I started doing research on what games to buy and accessories a week or so beforehand, so here’s what I got.

First up is a carrying case. What I like about this is that it has an area to hold all of my games (so far besides Zelda I also got Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8) and it also came with a screen protector which was really is to put on. When I’m not playing or charging the system, it’s pretty much always in this case. When I originally purchased it it came in blue, solid black, and red. I purchased mine from Amazon, here for $17.99.

Instead of using my usual gaming headset I wanted something that was much more portable. So I picked up these Zelda earbuds on ebay for $10! They fit perfectly in the case and the sound quality isn’t that bad. The exact seller I purchased them from doesn’t seem to have any currently, but there are other sellers currently selling them. You can also find them in most retail stores like Target, but I”m not sure about the price.

The final and probably my favorite accessory is the LED dock shield. It comes with 2 plates currently, Zelda and Mario but I’m hoping they’ll add more in the future. I really love the extra flair it adds to my desk. You can rotate between a variety of colors or just pick a single color (I personally like the fading rotation of the colors!). My only real complaint about it is that the protective blue film that was on both plates was really hard to take off but once you got it off you could really see how beautiful it looks! It was $15.99 on Amazon, can find it here.

Overall I’m really happy with the Nintendo Switch and the accessories I’ve purchased for it so far, I’m excited to see what games and other things Nintendo comes out for it in 2018. The only other accessory that I ordered that hasn’t arrived yet is a dock cover (for when I’m not using the LED one) which I purchased on Etsy.



December 31, 2017

My Gaming/Office Tour and Setup

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Since I moved back in January 2017 I’ve been making my office my own over the last year. My gaming setup has definitely stepped up and I really love how it has come together. So here’s an office tour!

When you first step into my office, off to the left you see a bunch of paintings that I’ve done over the years as well as some World of Warcraft banners.

Closer look at the 3 tier shelf that I got from Michael’s. Has a bunch of pens, pencils, lipgloss/lipstick, extra cables, and more.

This is my DX racer chair in pink with a WoW blanket, Sailor Moon blanket, Hearthstone pillow, and Twitch pollow.

Here’s a look at my triple monitor setup with my Blue Yeti mic and other goodies.

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December 29, 2017

My New Gaming PC

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So before I jump into the post. WordPress broke on my website for whatever reason so I decided to start fresh :p SO HERE WE GO!

For the last few months I’ve been working on FINALLY building a new gaming PC. My poor old PC was nearing it’s end, and I knew with this new build I wanted it to be a little overboard in terms of upgrades since I didn’t want to upgrade it for a very long time. So here is my new gaming PC that for now is named Mercy (after an Overwatch hero).

I really loved the idea of having a lot of RBG in my build, overall I just love the look of it. I currently have the fans, led lights, and CPU cooler running on a setting that rotates the colors so it has this gorgeous rainbow look. To see the full stats of the build, please check out

I originally started building the new PC at the beginning of September but then Florida got hit by Hurricane Irma and I had to put it on the back burner. When I first built the PC it was not working, which was beyond frustrating. Turns out it was a motherboard that arrived to me DOA and once I got a new one I was able to build it. This was also my first time building a PC by myself and it was stressful, but turned out okay.

Besides being able to play every game I own and games that will probably be coming out for the next few years on ultra gaming settings, I’m also able to stream and record videos without issues. What I also love about this build is being able to change the colors to any color I want, or even being able to turn them off if they get too distracting lol.

Can see a video on my Instagram that has a video of the colors rotating. Overall I am very happy with my new PC build and I’m so glad I was able to do it. Next up building a smaller PC to be my streaming PC haha.

October 5, 2017