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Dream Loot Crate: 90’s Kid

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I am a total 90’s kid. I was born in 86′, so I was at the perfect age to fully enjoy the 90’s! From amazing shows (Saved by the Bell, Boy Meets World, Power Rangers) to fun toys like skip-it and Tamagotchi. I just LOVED it all.So that’s why if I were to design my own Loot Crate, it’d be a total 90’s throw back. If you’re unfamiliar with Loot Crate, they’re a monthly box subscription service delivering geek and gaming collectibles directly to your door.


So the first item in my crate would HAVE to be something Power Rangers related, you know the original ones that were just so cheesy and awesome? I wanted to be a Power Ranger as a kid until I realized they were just actors … then I thought about becoming an actor so I could play on. I was really into them okay? I’ve seen these shirts (all designed after each Power Ranger) for years all over the internet, perfect for any 90’s kid … or anyone that wishes they were.

nintendo-game-boy-white-bi-a-fold-wallet_grandeI grew up on gaming, and Nintendo was my first experience with it. From playing games on the Gameboy to playing Mario and Zelda on the actual Nintendo console. I just loved gaming, and I still do today. So naturally a nintendo item would have to be included. Originally thought about a Gameboy phone case, but think a Gameboy wallet is something anyone can use!


Now Amazon brought back Surge drinks to make us all relive those glorious years of bouncing off the walls. I remember LOVING this drinks and parents not liking it as much. My mom didn’t buy them for me, but I of course drank them at a friend’s house sometimes 😛


Trolls. Need I say more? These things were everywhere. I would sometimes cut the hair of my trolls and then regret it, but I still loved them either way. Having them on your pencil at school always made for fun conversations with classmates.


Did anyone else love Pogs as much as I did? I has way more than I needed, but I LOVED them. No collection was complete without an awesome slammer and more pogs than you can carry in one hand (although they did have some neat containers for them). I even still have mine, somewhere.


Finally, I’d finish the dream crate off with 2 small items but that make me so happy. Lisa Frank stickers, seriously who didn’t have Lisa Frank folders and binders and everything else you can have for school. I know I did 😛

So that concludes my trip down memory lane. The nostalgia is real 🙂 What would you dream crate be?

September 16, 2016

Welcome Back

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On April 14, 2006 I opened up my blog on Almost 10 years later, and I am back.

In 2009 I was pursuing my degree in graphic and web design, and after the company I was hosted with decided to sell their customers (without telling their customers I might add) I found out that my domain name would be almost $50 for one year. A world of no, especially as a college student. That was when I decided to create and that was blogging home since then. Until today anyways.

Yesterday I spent all of this time editing a theme, editing some pages, and doing a few things here and there but then I realized something, didn’t really reflect me anymore. I started it when I was in school, in my life now although I do still design and create art my life is so much more than that. I work a full time job in the gaming industry that I love, I create YouTube videos, I play video games, and I even stream myself playing said games weekly.

I started brain storming possible domain name ideas, but everything I was coming up with I didn’t really like or it was taken. Then I remembered that I owned the domain and that I absolutely loved it and I hated letting it expire. And what do you know? It was’t taken! And, .nu extensions no longer require a 2 year registration/renewal. $27 for a domain I once paid $60 for is not a bad deal at all! The renewal price is around $39 but that’s something I can deal with. I also decided to completely clean out my website. Everything is fresh and brand new (all old posts are gone). I even went through and deleted 30+ databases and usernames that were in my cpanel that were unused.

So here we are again. A brand new name, layout, and everything else. I’m still working on getting all of the pages up but I am happy with the new name. Hopefully this motivates me to blog more often, because it’s something I really want to try in 2016. Fingers crossed.

March 18, 2016