Domain was registered on March 18, 2016 through Namecheap. It’s a domain I owned originally from 2006 to 2009, but decided to bring back in 2016. The website is hosted through Surpass Hosting. Towards the end of 2017 I had an issue with my website and WordPress was filled with errors, so I took it as a sign to start over in 2018.

Why Blissful?

In 2006 I decided to open a blog under the name because of a lyric in a song by Chevelle that I liked at the time, and because I liked the word from the original group blog that I owned with a friend. Originally had to move from in 2009 because the company that I purchased the domain through sold all of their clients to another company that charged way more for .nu names, and being a poor college student I couldn’t justify the yearly price.

In 2016 I was tired of the domain (that I originally opened when I was an art major) and wanted something new. Was going through some old domain names that I had that I liked, and remembered which was not taken so decided to get it and reopened the website under the new (old) name.

Past Websites

Some places you may have seen me at before.

  • (back at this domain again after years)

Credits & Things

Website is powered by WordPress and the theme is from CityHouseDesigns. I created the header/logo myself in Adobe Photoshop and edited the theme to my liking.