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The Big 3-0

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Aging is obviously something we can not avoid, but sometimes I find my age just creeps up on me. I’ve spent my entire life  (especially when I hit 18+) telling people my age only to have them respond back with “WHAT REALLY?!”. Now don’t get me wrong, that’s certainly not a bad thing and I won’t mind being in my 50’s when people think I’m in my 30’s, but all it does is it makes me realize just how old I am.

On January 17th I turned 30. Spoiler: It doesn’t feel any different than 29, 28, 27 … etc. I don’t really feel any older, but what is older supposed to feel like anyways? My original plan before I turned 30 was to try to do the “30 before 30” challenge but then I forgot about it … oops.

I’ve been thinking about doing 5 things before I turned 35 since that (hopefully) not only be very doable, but would give me plenty of time to do it. I’ve just come up with 0 ideas.

My life also isn’t anywhere where I thought it’d be at 30, but my life is still pretty awesome. I think past Vero would be proud.

So far, dirty 30 is going well *knocks on wood*


March 20, 2016