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July Favorites: Movie, Planner Spread, & More

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So something that I thought could be fun to do on my blog, would be monthly favorites. The favorites for each month could vary, but for the most part the categories will be as follows: Movie, TV Show, Planner Spread and Other. Other possible categories could be any of the following: Tech, App, Place, etc.

So let’s jump right into July favorites!



Hands down one of my favorite movies that I watched in July was Zootopia. Decided to rent the movie through iTunes and had no regrets. It’s another cute movie from Disney with a great message. The basic plot is that a small town bunny has big city dreams. Judy Hops dreams of working on the police force, even though no one else thinks she’s cut out for it. Overall she’s not treated well, but tries to prove herself anyways. Movie is perfect for old and young fans of Disney alike. The cast, the story, the animation … everything was amazing! It’s worth a watch for sure and a movie I plan to pick up on bluray so I can watch it again and again.

Planner Spread


My favorite planner spread for July is hands down the June mystery kit from Planning Roses. The colors in this kit alone are so bright and vibrant,  and I just love the overall theme of gems. Although this kit is no longer available, I highly recommend checking out her shop. She seriously has some of my favorite weekly kits!

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August 1, 2016