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First Snow

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We had our first “official” decent snowfall today. November of this year marked 2 years since I moved from Florida to Ohio and the snow is still just as magical.

There’s something so calming and peaceful about the snow. Naturally it chose to snow on the day that I was off of work and I had to run errands so that meant a trip to Target, but the bright side of it is that I got to take some photos while I was out.

I never noticed these trees around the city, but they’re everywhere! And they look so pretty with the snow, I loved the contrast of the red and the white.

In our neighborhood we have several ponds, this is my favorite to take photos at. Those black spots are birds, apparently they did not get the memo that winter means they’re supposed to fly south. Not all of the water here is frozen, so they seemed to be enjoying the pond and were swimming around.

The snow makes me want to just bundle up near a fire and drink hot chocolate and read a book. I’ve always loved the snow, and I think I always will and I hope I am not the only one.

December 14, 2016