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5 Things In 2018

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Blogathon Day 25: 5 things you want to do in 2018.

These are kinda more so goals then things I want to do, but sorta both 😛

1. Travel

I don’t care where to, but I want to travel somewhere. I haven’t had a proper vacation in 6+ years and I need one, even if it’s a small vacation by myself for a few nights in a nearby city.

2. New Job

One of my major goals this year is to not only get a new job, but to get a job that I truly love.

3. New Car

My car is getting up there in it’s age and for now it’s running pretty well (knock on wood!) but my goal this year is to get a new car, or at least by next year.

4. Streaming/Creating Content

My main goal this year is to continue streaming on Twitch every week, uploading weekly videos to YouTube, and blogging here!

5. Eating Healthy/Losing Weight

I did a great job last year by losing about 35lbs, and I’d like to continue it this year. Goal is to lose another 35 this year or more!

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January 25, 2018

Day in the Life

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Blogathon Day 12: Day in the Life (Original prompt Favorite thing to do to wind down?)

Was supposed to do a Day in the Life post a few days ago, but ended up not being able to so I decided to make that my prompt for today! So here’s how my day today went.

So the original plan was to wake up between 9-10am, but I ended up not falling asleep until after 5am. Oops. So after I (finally) woke up around 12pm (OOPS) I made lunch.

Started bowling some water (I didn’t realize how dirty the stove was … woops I promise I cleaned it after!). For lunch I was craving some good ‘ol boxed mac and cheese so I made that. I don’t eat it often, but today was a lazy-ish day. I originally planned on making a nice cup of coffee if I woke up early, but that didn’t happen. I decided to grab the Starbucks Peppermint Mocha that I had in the fridge instead!

Drank it out of my awesome Buffy mug. The mug changes with heat, but sadly I was in the mood for cold coffee that morning instead. Basically sipped on the coffee while I waited for my food to finish.

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January 12, 2018