Blogathon Day 3: How did you get into blogging and how has it changed for you since then?

I remember I first got into making websites when I was around 12. I remember seeing websites made by other people and thinking “I can do that”, and so I did. I created my first site on Geocities and it was then that I fell in love with coding and trying to make my own graphics. Around that age I remember I found this random forum and it was there that I learned about blogging and what I could truly turn my website into. Shortly after being on Geocities for a bit I got a subdomain on someone’s site and eventually opened up my first site, myveracity,net (shown in the image above) and then moved sites over the years. Besides using my own websites I also used Livejournal for the longest time and still have access to my old posts, some of which cause me to cringe haha.

Back then I remember just coming home from school and signing on the computer and just writing about my day. Back then I used to share who I had a crush on and other things I probably shouldn’t have been posting on the internet, but I was young. Over the last 5+ years I just fell out of blogging and the blogging scene and I miss it. Back then I just did it because I enjoyed it, but I found I was overthinking everything I wanted to post. I wanted to make sure it was perfect and didn’t want to just blog for the sake of blogging. This is something I’m hoping to change this year, I want to share things and I want to be able to look back on the things I posted and be so thankful that I have those memories.

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