GoReadyMade.com Review

Since I work from home and I also do a lot of pet/house sitting for people I really enjoy trying different meal delivery services. The convenience alone is just, well so convenient but I also get to try some things I may wouldn’t have tried before. I recently got sent a 50%

Why I Left Surpass Hosting

I’ve been maintaining and designing websites since I was around 12, so that’s 20 years now for me. In those many, many years I’ve been on several different hosts (free, subdomains, my own domains, etc) and because of that I’ve had both good and bad experiences … but today I’m here to

ColourPop Cosmetics Recent Purchase

I am a total sucker for a sale, especially when it comes to products I either know I’ll love or ones I really want to try. I’ve been buying makeup from ColourPop for only a few months, but they’ve come highly recommended and for good reasons. Their products are 100% cruelty free

I Tried Dinnerly, A Review

For the last year or so I feel like meal delivery services have sky rocketed and you can’t browse anywhere on the internet without running into an ad or someone talking about their favorite. I’ve been wanting to try one for a while now, but most of the ones I looked into

I Tried the Starbucks Crystal Ball Frappuccino

Recently Starbucks came out with a brand new drink and of course I had to try it. Here’s what they say on their website about the drink: A mystical, swirling peach infusion topped with peach flavored whipped cream, turquoise sprinkles and one of three different candy gems that reveal your fortune (not

About Me

Hello! I'm Veronica or Vero for short. I have a love of video games, design, and binge watching shows on Netflix. I currently stream daily on Twitch, and upload weekly videos to my YouTube channel.


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